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What is Prebiotic?
Prebiotics are non-digestible food ingredients that selectively stimulate the growth and /or activity of beneficial micro organisms already ni human colon (World Health Organisation)

If you wish to improve your state of health, I strongly suggest you consume regularly:
PREBIOTIC Al-Manna &Tayebat
100% natural and organic medical standard gum arabic

Even with the best of medical treatment, patients eventually develop complications:

3.Coronary Heart Disease
4.Kidney Failure
5.Neurological Diseases


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Benefits of AL manna & Tayebat
Based on Researches in Germany, Sudan, Iraq, Japan Etc….

  • Boots immune system
  • Nutrition for the probiotics Increased 24-H CCR & GFR.
  • Improved Kidney Function
  • Helps reduce blood glucose concentration.
  • Counteracts glucose-induced obesity.
  • Retards glucose absorption.
  • Mouse dendritic cells: powerful immunomodulatory effect.
  • Improves small intestinal absorption of sodium.
  • Increased production of short chain fatty acid.
  • Traps bile acids.
  • Lowering of LDL and VLDL Cholesterol.
  • Gout – Reduces Uric Acid & ESR to normal level Strong anticarcinogenic effect on colon carcinoma.
  • Strong antiocidant and antibacterial. Antimitotic.
  • Enhance tooth remineralization.
  • Suppresses hepatic macrophages (chronic liver diseases)
  • No significant adverse reactions , no toxicity.


*Prebiotic 85% The highest. Mother’s milk (10%), Fruits & Vege (10%).
*Contains all 20 amino acids.
*27% of 2% protein – hydroxyproline,
( for brain & collagen )
* Calcium –10 times more than cow’s milk.
*Soluble fiber as much as 30%
*Minerals, K & Mg, Vitamin B & K

No drugs can prevent these complications. Dialysis centers , ICUs and clinics are insufficient.

Place specified amount of powder in a dry glass.
1 sachet = 15g.
2-10 years : each dose : 1 teaspoon / 5g.
10 – 20 years & 70 above:
Each dose : 2 teaspoons / 10g
20 till 69 years : 1 tablespoon / 15g

Briskly pour water ( cold/room temperature ) into the glass from a height, similar to a waterfall, stir and drink. Scoop and eat any remaining particles. Any leftovers can be applied to the skin as mask.


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