Kacip Fatimah Capsules (60 Vege Caps)

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Kacip Fatimah Capsules (60 Vege Caps)

– 100% high quality; origin from unpolluted virgin forests in Malaysia
– Made by pure plants, similarly to – Tongkat Ali (capsules extracted by the fibre of seaweed)
– NO chemical pharmaceutical ingredients & genetically modified material (GMO)
– Suitable for vegetarians

-60 Vege Capsules / bottle
-300 mg / capsules

– Balance hormones, improve micro-circulatory disorders caused by endocrine
– Firm skin, improve facial skin condition and tighten sagging skin
– Develop a firmer body, bigger breasts and “S” body shape
– Strengthen pelvic muscles, restore strength and health of women
– Improve muscles and tighten uterus postpartum
– Unique ability in acting as an astringent and sterilising agent, the best product to preserve the condition of the womb after childbirth
– Reduce risk of osteoporosis
– Reduce onset of flashes, night sweats, insomnia
– Reduce risk of cardiovascular disease
– Improve mood swings and lower risk of depression
– Increase body’s energy, so that the body is more alert
– Increase libido and sexual stimulation
– Regulate menstruation, preserve the condition of the womb and relieve dysmenorrhea

– Women who are preparing to get pregnant
– Women who have endocrine disorders
– Women who suffer from frigidity
– Women who suffer from gynaecological disease
– Menopausal women

* Kacip Fatimah Soup Packs are made strictly according to production process using high-technology equipment in processing and sterilization to retain Kacip Fatimah’s active ingredients so that human body can digest and absorb completely

* Certified for: GMP, HACCP,  Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM), HALAL, ISO, Heavy Metal Test


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