Dragon Fruit Enzyme

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Dragon Fruit Enzyme
Use the best quanlity of flesh red dragon fruit, green lemon, and brown sugar, with traditional fermentation techniques, fermented more than hundred days.

No Additives, Coloring And Preservatives Added

– Balancing Body endocrine system
– Anti-inflammation, boost up immunity
– Prevent calcium deficiency & osteoporosis
– Purified blood vessels, maintain & stabilizes alkaline body pH
– Enhance digestive system
– Anti-aging, inhabits free radical damage, prevent arteriosclerosis, stroke, arthritis, alzheimer, diminish cancer cell
– Elevate energy revitalize
– Improve sleep quanlity depression
– Improve memory , better learning ability
– Helps in metabolism system & weight management

Human Body’s Necessity : Enzyme
Enzymes are the catalyst in all biochemical reactions for the degradation and synthesis of our body’s various nutrients, oxidization, restoration, and etc, they act as mediators in the chemical reaction during metabolic process and regulate the core function of endocrine system. They also help the body to carry out others biochemical reactions, thus, all nutrients will be able to absorbed and utilized by the human body.

The Ingredients of Dragon Fruit Enzyme
With selected fresh high quality red flash dragon fruit and green lemon as raw material, fermented together with brown sugar for 100days. Enzyme products have been becoming more popular among the Europeans and Japanese who wants to have a longer average life.

Intake Instruction
There is no restriction on the intake capacity. It is best to consume the Dragon Fruit Enzyme directly.

Daily Health Care 30cc/ml 2 times – 3 times *Recommend to take in the morning and night

Enhanced Health Care 50cc/ml 3 times

Storage Methods
Store at a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight and no vigorous shaking, finish as soon possible once it is opened. The suspend or turbid sediment are the fermentation products, which have no effects on the product quanlity.

Explanation on Dragon Fruit Enzyme
The Dragon Fruit Enzyme has no additives, colouring or any preservaties added. The non-transparent enzyme is cause by the natural fermentation process by micro-organisms, it is not due to any impurities. The quality of enzyme is natural and pure, the taste & colour may vary slight because the dragon fruit harvesting time in different seasons, but quality are assured.

Dragon Fruit Enzyme is suitable for:-
– People who are used to cooked food.
– Those with poor digestive systems.
– People with abnormal diet or over weight.
– Anyone, young and old, including vegetarian.
– Those who are obese or too thin.
– Those with allergies.

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Dragon Fruit
High in anthocyanin, especially red flesh. It is a natural anti-oxidant, 10 times giher than carotene. To get rid the body of free radicals, helps to prevent a variety of diseases associated with free radicals. Anthocyanins may also enhance the elasticity of blood vessels, to protect arterial wall; lower blood pressure; can prevent the damage of brain cell, inhabit the occurrence of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Contains albumin which generally found less in other fruits and vegetable. ALbumin is a sticky, gelatinous substance, detoxification effecr on heavy metal poisoning. Due to industrial development, water & food have been polluted by heavy metals, albumin will automatically detect the “pollutant” from the human body & excrete throught the excretory system. In addition, there is a proctective effect of albumin on the stomach wall.

Dragon fruit is rich in antioxidants & vitamin C, can effectively remove free radicals, increase skin smoothness, beautify skin, has whitening effects & prevent dark spots.

Inhabit inflammation and allergies, improve joint flexibility, prevent arthritis; retinal cells can promote regeneration og rhodopsin, improve vision; also has anti-radiation effect.

Dragon Fruit is a low calories, high-fiber fruits, rich in water-soluble dietary fiber. Helps to diets, lose weight, lower down cholesterol, lubricate intestines, prevention of colorectal cancer and other effects.

Green Lemon
– Green Lemon is rich in water-soluble vitamin C, can promote blood circulation
– Grren Lemon is the best remedy for cough and phlegm.
– Green Lemon helps the stomach and intestines to promote digestion.
– Vitamin P contains in lemon, are great help in high blood pressure / cholesterol, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
– Green Lemon contains niacin and organic acids, it;s juice has a very strong bactericidal effect.

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